GlazeGuard® 1000 FR Fire Resistant Glazing Panels

GlazeGuard® 1000 FR Fire Resistant Glazing Panels

glazeguard1000frpanelbig GlazeGuard® 1000 is a composite panel for use as a glazing infill made by laminating two prefinished aluminum skins to substrates of tempered hardboard. These stabilizers surround a expanded polystyrene (EPS) or isocyanurate (ISO) foam core.

These panels are designed for use as a replacement or complement to glass in windows, storefront, modesty screens, railing inserts, etc.

Similar in thickness to GlazeGuard® 1000 WR (both are 1″), these panels offer more impact resistance than the lightweight composition offered by the plastic

Installation Overview :
GlazeGuard® panels are installed in aluminum glazing/storefront channels (by others) typically on setting blocks and sealed using rubber gaskets. Since they are encapsulated on all four sides by this channel, no mechanical fasteners, adhesives, or moldings are used in the installation of these panels.

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Composition & Materials

Component Standard (in) Metric (mm)
Prefinished Textured Aluminum Skins
(or) Prefinished Smooth Aluminum Skins
(or) Porcelain Enamel Steel Skins
Tempered Hardboard Stabilizer 1/8″ 3.18mm
Polyisocyanurate Foam (ISO) Core 3/16″ 4.76mm
Type-X Exterior Grade Gypsum Board 5/8″ 15.9mm

Panel Weight & Thickness

Property Standard (in) Metric (mm)
Panel Weight 3.78 lbs/ft² 18.5 kg/m²
Nominal Thickness 1″ 25mm

Size & Available

Property Standard (in) Metric (mm)
4′ x 8′ 48″ x 96″ (1219mm x 2438mm)
4′ x 10′ 48″ x 120″ (1219mm x 3048mm)
4′ x 12′ 448″ x 144″ (1219mm x 3658mm)

Finishes & Warranty

Panel Lamination 5 Year Warranty

Click links below for available finishes

Textured Finishes
Smooth Finishes
Metallic & Anodized Finishes

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