Citadel Panel 15 Panel System

Citadel Panel 15 System

panel20battenmockupbig Panel 15® is a composite panel for exterior use made by laminating a textured aluminum skin to a substrate of exterior grade Douglas fir plywood. A fiberglass reinforced kraft/foil scrim backer is added for panel balance and acts as a moisture barrier. Panels are furnished with a strippable film (or interleafed microfoam) on the painted surfaces to protect the finish during shipment and installation. The panel is mechanically fastened to the substrate (or wood/metal studs) and the system is completed using trim moldings (one and two piece aluminum extruded moldings) with various profile options.
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As an alternative or complement to other building materials such as stucco or brick, Panel 15® is designed for applications such as claddings, soffits, fascias, canopies, and accent bands. Ideal for new or retrofit construction, Panel 15® is typically used on low and medium rise buildings such as schools, banks, office parks, medical facilities, etc… However, with a durable plywood core and textured skin, Panel 15® is also ideal for many other applications where durability, strength, and overall cost are primary concerns.

As a complete exterior cladding system, Panel 15® offers a number of benefits to the building owner, architect, and installer including:

  • Proven Performance
    Formerly a division of the Weyerhaeuser Company, Citadel has been manufacturing panels for over 35 years. Over that time, Panel 15® has established itself as an industry benchmark for quality and performance.
  • Easy Installation
    Simple sheets/trim concept easy to understand. Standard carpentry knowledge and tooling is all that is required for installation.
  • Low Maintenance
    Most foreign matter can be cleaned from surface with mild detergents; can be incorporated into yearly building washing schedule.
  • Color Matched Moldings
    Several different profiles (including reveal and batten) and attachment options (exposed and concealed fasteners) are available to complete the system look.
  • 15-Year Warranty
    Backed by a 15-Year Standard Warranty, Panel 15® is built to last. The textured aluminum face resists and hides scratches and dents while the plywood core provides protection and impact resistance.
  • WEconomical
    With material and installation savings, Panel 15® provides an attractive alternative/complement to other building materials.

Panel 15® is intended for use as a wall panel. It may be used in other applications where the slope does not exceed 25° from vertical (i.e. mansard roofs). Other limitations to the installation of Panel 15® depend upon the attachment system chosen and specific conditions of each individual application.

Panel 15® comes standard with a textured aluminum skin. Smooth aluminum skins are not offered due to the nature of the plywood core and the probability of grain read-through. Standard colors are furnished with a coil coated polyester. Panels can be ordered in premium colors with an acrylic urethane coating. Custom colors are also available to match customer’s standard. Moldings are coated using a polyester or acrylic urethane paint system and can be painted to match any standard or custom color.


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