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Citadel Panel 20 System

panel20battenmockupbig Panel 20® is a composite panel for exterior use made by laminating an aluminum skin to a substrate of thermoset phenolic resin. A second aluminum skin is added as a backer and provides thermal stability and panel balance.

Panels are furnished with a strippable film on the painted surfaces to protect the finish during shipment and installation. Panel 20® is attached to the substrate using construction adhesive in the field of the panel and mechanical fasteners around the perimeter. The system is completed using two piece (plastic receiver and extruded aluminum cover) trim moldings available in both batten and reveal (1/2”) profiles.
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Citadel Panel 20 System

General Details Section Details Intersection Details
Reference Drawing Base/Foundation – Option 1 Base Corners
System Isometric – Option 1 Base/Foundation – Option 2 Horizontal & Vertical
System Isometric – Option 2 Horizontal/Vertical – Option 1 Horz/Vert & Termination (1)
System Isometric – Option 3 Horizontal/Vertical – Option 2 Horz/Vert & Termination (2)
Molding Dimensions (1) Horizontal/Vertical – Option 3 Dissimilar Material & Three Way
Molding Dimensions (2) Intermediate Connection Inside Corners
Dissimilar Material – Option 1 Outside Corners
Dissimilar Material – Option 2
Inside Corner – Option 1
Inside Corner – Option 2
Outside Corner – Option 1
Outside Corner – Option 1
Outside Corner – Option 2
Curved Section

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