Dowmet, LLC

PO Box 245 Adairsville, Ga 30103

Phone (770) 877-3500 – Fax (770)877-3050



Dowmet, LLC provides manufacturing services for the supply, fabrication, and finishing of metal components for the Commercial, Industrial, and Architectural industries.

We work closely with architects, contractors, designers, building owners, and engineers to develop their projects with metals such as carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, zinc, titanium, and copper alloy metals such as muntz, brass, and bronze.

We provide consulting and assistance to manufacture, crate, and ship your products worldwide.

Architectural product examples include: Canopies, Column Covers, Beam Wraps, Decorative Rail Systems, Cable Rail Systems, Screen Walls, Sunshades, Cladding, and Panel Systems.


Providing AutoCAD detailing, design, and engineering services helps the  customer streamline their metal outsourcing requirements to Dowmet, LLC.

Industrial product examples include: Catwalks, Machine Guards, Holding Tanks, Ducting, Weldments, Enclosures, Vessels, Fuel Cells, Pipe Rails, Housings, Enclosures, & Pedestals.

Commercial product examples include: Hand and Safety Railings, Stairs, Ladders, Shelters, Curtain Wall Clips, Coping, Fascia, Light Structural, Carts, Buggies, Hoppers, & Bollards.

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