Citadel Panel 20 Panel System

Citadel Panel 20 System

panel20battenmockupbig Panel 20® is a composite panel for exterior use made by laminating an aluminum skin to a substrate of thermoset phenolic resin. A second aluminum skin is added as a backer and provides thermal stability and panel balance.

Panels are furnished with a strippable film on the painted surfaces to protect the finish during shipment and installation. Panel 20® is attached to the substrate using construction adhesive in the field of the panel and mechanical fasteners around the perimeter. The system is completed using two piece (plastic receiver and extruded aluminum cover) trim moldings available in both batten and reveal (1/2”) profiles.
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As an alternative/complement to other building materials such as brick or stucco, Panel 20® is designed for general use as an exterior cladding on walls, canopies, fascias and accent bands. Panel 20® is typically used on low and medium rise buildings such as schools, banks, office parks, medical facilities, retail identity programs, etc… However, with a durable thermoset phenolic core and a smooth finish, Panel 20® is also ideal for other applications where a high end system look is desired.

As a complete exterior cladding system, Panel 20® offers a number of benefits to the building owner, architect, and installer including:

  • System Look w/o Fabrication
    Panel 20® offers a high-end appearance without the additional costs associated with fabrication by using trim moldings (with flat batten or reveal profiles) and concealed fasteners.
  • Curveable
    With a durable and thermally stable core, Panel 20® (and moldings) can be formed to form graceful, clean curves.
  • Easy Installation
    Simple sheets/trim concept easy to understand. Non-progressive sequence also allows for removal or replacement of panels which may become damaged.
  • Color Matched Moldings
    Several different profiles (including reveal and batten) to complete the system look. Moldings can be matched or painted a complementary color for emphasis.
  • Low Maintenance
    Most foreign matter can be cleaned from surface with mild detergents; can be incorporated into yearly building washing schedule.
  • Economical
    With material and installation savings, Panel 20® provides a high-end appearance and an economical solution when compared to fabricated systems.

Panel 20® is intended for use as exterior cladding. It is not eligible for use as a structural element of a wall assembly. Panel 20® should not be used in applications where the slope exceeds 25° from vertical.

Panel 20® comes standard with a smooth aluminum skin. Textured skins are not available. Standard and metallic colors are furnished with a durable Kynar 500® coating. Anodized finishes are available as a standard finish. Panels can also be ordered with premium and custom colors to match customer’s standard. Moldings are coated using a Kynar 500® paint system and can be painted to match any standard or custom color.


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